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Enterprise RAMP Web-Based ToolsEnterprise RAMP Web-Based Tools
Deployed RAMP Technology at US and International Sites.

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Test Drive PARIS as hosted on the CODM Home Page
Product Data Access Retrieval Internet Server

The Product Data Access Retrieval Internet Server—PARIS—is a Web-based system designed to manage the access and visibility of validated digital product data filesets, typically consisting of STEP AP203, STEP AP224, and IGES files. These filesets can be created by a system such as the RAMP Product Data Translation System for Mechanical Parts, which can capture and convert mechanical part data into CAD-neutral electronic data. The completeness and accuracy of these filesets can then be validated using the RAMP STEP Validation Process, a PC-based tool that performs quality assurance of STEP AP224 data. The functional capabilities of PARIS include a search facility, real-time viewing of 3D wireframes using a Java-based viewer, and downloading of files from the Internet. The minimum configuration is a Pentium PC with Windows NT, 32MB RAM, 30MB of hard drive space, and Internet access.

The PARIS Internet Server is maintained at SCRA’s facility where it is supporting ongoing STEP proveout activities. The server can be accessed via the CODM (Center for On-Demand Manufacturing) Home Page at http://codm.ondemandmfg.net. You may log on as a guest and receive a listing of all of the filesets that are currently available and select any for viewing. Once formally registered, you can download files.

PARIS is a companion tool to RAMP’s Quote Commerce Access Broker—QCAB—which is another Web-based PC application that enables buying activities, such as government Inventory Control Points and commercial prime contractors, to post RFQs on the Internet, along with a reference to PARIS where the associated STEP files can be accessed for viewing the parts being solicited. The QCAB/PARIS combination allows manufacturers to make quick, reliable bid/no-bid determinations and to more rapidly respond with bids for those RFQs of interest.

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